Air Control – is one of the few in the world and only airline company in Central Asia, specializing in the implementation of unique aviation operations. For everyone who is interested in us, we are ready to provide the following services:

- Flight inspection services of the radio-navigational and lighting equipment at airports;

- Aerial photography by using the latest laser scanner and air-survey equipment;

- Development of a database in accordance with aeronautical formats;

- Rendering of professional services for the operation and aircraft control.

Reliability guarantee

Air fleet of Air Control airline company consists of three new own aircraft and one aircraft in exploitation. All liners meet current international standards, equipping with modern equipment and facilities. We use only the advanced technology and the latest software from the world’s leading aviation industry. But the most important is that all works are performed by a reliable team of professionals.

Unique specificity

Having own contemporary flight test and aerial complexes  in Republic of Kazakhstan allows to respond without any delays on the needs of customers and provide in time and high quality flight inspections of ground-based radio-navigational and lighting systems by any program, according to schedule and above the plan.

But this is not all!

Air Control fully supports the management of aircraft that are in private and commercial use, consulting at choice and purchase, technical support, maintenance and operation of aircrafts and helicopters. 

They trust us!

We are proud of our customers and partners who trust us and appreciate our work. They are: SE Kazaeronavigatsia, SE Kyrgyzairnavigation, JSC ARMATS, ATC Azerairnavigation, SUE Tajikairnavigation, RSE Kazgeodeziya, airports of Central Asia and the Caucasus.

It is always easy to come to agreement and pleasure to work with us. As true professionals we value our reputation and sincerely respect our customers and partners, and always welcome new friends!

Efficiency and quality - corporate identity of our work, and it does not matter what the volume and complexity of the order. Because we Doing More, Than Simple Flights!